Time To Deploy BluSapphire

Praveen Yeleswarapu
March 27, 2022

Attackers don’t wait. In fact, 50% of all companies today are at imminent risk of a cyber attack.

If you’re looking to not join that statistic, you’re at the right place.

With BluSapphire, you can significantly shorten the time between making a cybersecurity investment to being able to use it. Maturity of your SOC is a process that often takes months or more, but BluSapphire gives you the technical capability, and the business thrust needed to achieve the same in just a few hours.

Here’s how.

Day-wise breakup: Day Zero

Typically, the purpose of existing cybersecurity and infosec frameworks, is compliance with global standards. On that front, we find that companies in compliance-heavy industries such as BFSI and Healthcare tend to achieve better outcomes than their counterparts.

However, on an average, advanced threat detection, response and proactive assurance continue to remain low, thus exposing even the most diligent organizations to future threats. Here’s a snapshot of day zero, before deploying BluSapphire.

Day zero of deployment

Day-wise breakup: Day One

On day one, the BluSapphire platform is deployed to meet your needs. While you can pick from Basic, Advanced, and Elite, the landscape shown here is most applicable to BluSapphire Elite. The Basic and Advanced solutions can be deployed likewise, but with limited functionality.

If you’d like to compare features and see what’s best for you, please take a look here.

Back to day one, then.

The key outcome on day one is being 100% compliance-ready. Our team works with you to customize the BluSapphire dashboard on this day, to match your needs and to prioritize what you need to see from a business standpoint.

Day one of deployment

Day-wise breakup: Day Two

By the end of day two, your organization’s cyber resilience shoots up to 95% or more. Specifically, advanced threat detection and proactive cyber assurance both hit 95% maturity or more, while compliance and threat response status touch 100%.

How does this happen?

The BluSapphire platform is a combination of threat detection, analysis, response, and remediation modules that communicate seamlessly with each other, enabling data sharing, resulting in complex insights in hours.

Day two of deployment

The Modules That Make Up BluSapphire


Your SIEM platform for seamless log ingestion/ integration with Cloud Services, SaaS applications, Security/ Network Infrastructure, and Standard/ Custom Applications with 1280 Use Cases built-in and counting.

Available in BluSapphire Basic, Advanced, and Elite

Threat Intelligence

Back your SIEM module up with the highest standard of threat intelligence, curated from multiple sources, including research agencies, OSINT, and commercial feeds.

Available in BluSapphire Basic, Advanced, and Elite


Entity analysis and predictive threat management at all scales of operation, powered by Big Data and Intelligence, driven by Machine Learning to offer complete visibility of User and Entity activities over Computers, the Network, and Cloud Activities simultaneously.

Available in BluSapphire Advanced and Elite


The only agentless response and remediation tool in the market today offering complete visibility on user endpoints such as laptops and desktops, both stationary and remote, wherever your users may be working from.

Available in BluSapphire Advanced and Elite


Complete visibility of your networks on your premise and for your cloud infrastructure, with ML-driven Signal Intelligence (SIGINT) in the identification of malicious activities over Encrypted Traffic channels.

Available in BluSapphire Advanced and Elite


Identification of hidden/ unknown malicious files being downloaded by users proactively by performing Real-time Static and Binary Analysis of files downloaded without any introduction of latency over network/ for users.

Available in BluSapphire Advanced and Elite


Proactive identification of attacks at the initial stage with consistent, live, automated, behavior-driven, agentless threat hunting that’s 300% more effective than current methods, without reliance on historical log data.

Available in BluSapphire Elite


Endpoint protection for air-gapped networks, ICS control system networks, and traditional IT environments, exclusively built to support any version of Windows Operating Systems and protect it from Ransomware/ Zero-day/ file-less malware activities.

Available in BluSapphire Elite


The most sophisticated threat detection and response module anywhere in the world today. BluSOAR combines single-click triage from 110 threat intel sources with real-time threat response, both automated and manual. Go one step further with automated or manual remediation, and manage the entire security incident lifecycle in one go.

Available in BluSapphire Elite


Deploy authentic, scalable decoys across your infrastructure. Log and monitor attacks on these decoys, speed up your detection times even further, and create dependable data on your Indicators of Compromise.

Available in BluSapphire Elite

Ready to use the BluSapphire platform for your cyber defense needs?

Explore the individual platforms, here:

BluSapphire Basic

BluSapphire Advanced

BluSapphire Elite

Key outcomes with BluSapphire

  • Zero process interference during deployment
  • Minimal human resource involvement
  • Unified cyber response powered by multiple tools, all on one platform
  • Complete visibility into your organization’s cyber posture within hours of onboarding


  1. Will BluSapphire work with my existing tech stack?

Yes, BluSapphire is platform agnostic. It can be deployed over your current tech stack.

  1. Which industries have you worked with before?

We have worked with the BFSI, Retail, Education, Manufacturing, and Pharma industries, and can work with organizations in other industries that are exposed to high levels of constant cyber threat.

  1. How is the platform priced?

Since it is delivered in various ways to suit your needs, BluSapphire is priced per endpoint covered, or per license, or based on the scope of the SOC.

Please reach out to us for a pricing plan customized for you.

If you’d like further information on any specific aspect, please write to us at info@blusapphire.net, and we’ll be happy to answer your questions.