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Rapid Response

Faster Response
Detection and incident investigation in under five minutes
Round-the-clock availability
We understand that cybersecurity is a 24*7 job
Faster remediation
We help rapidly contain events and quarantine affected assets

Proactive Threat Hunting

Daily Hunts
Proactive live active hunts on a daily basis
System-based approach
Hunts specifically designed for your context and industry
Quick Identification
Identification of threats even before they turn malicious

Specific Insights

Comprehensive even insights
Reporting on event metrics that matter the most to your business
Led by people
Numbers and metrics meet qualitative and strategic insights
Better preparedness
Continuous improvement of the organization’s cybersecurity maturity and posture
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Threat Intelligence
Threat Hunting
MDR/CDR powered by Bluhawk


The only solution to offer both agent based or agent less threat detection response and remediation functionality in the market today offering complete visibility on user endpoints such as laptops and desktops, both stationary and remote, wherever your users may be working from. The BluGenie Endpoint Detection and Response tool offers

Detailed behaviour activity tracking by consistent vigil on in-memory executions: Process/ Registry/ File/ network activates.
ML-driven engine in identifying Zero Day/ APTs, and suspicious and malicious activities in the nascent state.
Detection of Zero-Day/ Advance Persistent Threat attacks leading to data loss or ransomware attacks at the nascent stage which go completely unnoticed.
Log Enrichment and utilization of 100+ Threat Intelligence sources out of the box in detecting known attacks.
Ease of Visualization and building custom analytics reportsContainment of cyber threats on endpoints via intelligent response functions.
Detailed data insights enabling in-depth forensics and threat hunts.
Detailed data insights enabling in-depth forensics and threat Automated Cyber Attack Triage- with a single click: have visibility to the entire Cyber Attack Matrix.
BluGenie dashboard


Your next-gen SIEM platform for seamless log ingestion/ integration with Cloud Services, SaaS applications, Security/ Network Infrastructure, and Standard/ Custom Applications with 1280 Use Cases built-in and counting.

Log Enrichment and utilization of 100+ Threat Intelligence sources out of the box in detecting known attacks.
Role-based authorization and Control.
Flexible custom use case/ Rule building function (No more code-Just a simple configuration)
Build your own custom dashboards using a simple configuration.
Automated reporting
Cyber Operations Management
Compliance and Regulatory Ready Dashboards
SIEM dashboard

Threat Intelligence

Back your next-gen SIEM module up with the highest standard of threat intelligence, curated from multiple sources, including research agencies, OSINT, and commercial feeds.

Feeds curated live from over 110+ threat intelligence sources
Both OSINT and Commercial feeds are part of threat intelligence
Native Integration with Malware Information Sharing Platform (MISP)
Strategic feeds ingested from research agencies
Live curated threat intelligence telemetry updates to the BluSapphire platform
Threat intelligence dashboard


Entity analysis and predictive threat management at all scales of operation, powered by Big Data and Intelligence, driven by Machine Learning to offer complete visibility of User and Entity activities over Computers, the Network, and Cloud Activities simultaneously.

Consistent Vigil over User/ Machine driven activities in the identification of behaviour anomalies triggered intentionally/ non-intentionally by a User.
Swift identification of Zero-Day/ Advance Persistent Threat attacks leading to data loss or ransomware attacks, at the nascent stage.
99% coverage of MITRE ATT&CK Matrix
Over 550+ built-in analytical models and counting
Ease of Visualization and building custom analytics reports
Automated Cyber Attack Triage with a single click: have visibility to the entire Cyber Attack Matrix.
BluHeraldry dashboard


Complete visibility of your networks on your premise and for your cloud infrastructure, with ML-driven Signal Intelligence (SIGINT) in the identification of malicious activities over Encrypted Traffic channels.

Swift identification of Zero-Day/ Unknown Command and Control (CNC), Botnet activities, DNS Tunneling, Lateral Movements within the network.
Big Data powered in-depth network analytics and visualization.
Identifying signature-based malicious activities over the network.
Data enrichment and utilization of 100+ threat Intelligence sources out of the box in detecting known attacks.
Automated Cyber Attack Triage- with a single click: have visibility to various communications originating from your organization/ outside of the organization.
BluNAF dashboard

Threat Hunting

Proactive identification of attacks at the initial stage with consistent, live, automated, behavior-driven, agentless threat hunting that’s 300% more effective than current methods, without reliance on historical log data.

Orchestrated and automated behaviour-driven threat hunts via live IOCs detected from BluNAF, BluEye, BluGenie, BluSIEM, BluHeraldy
Built-in IOC (indicators of compromises) repository of complete APT, major ransomware families, Trojans.
Ingestion of IOCs via STIX-TAXII Feeds
Build custom behavior-driven Indicators (IP/URL/
Process/File Patch/ Services/ Tasks/ Registry)
MITRE Framework driven hunts on historical data repository
Threat hunting dashboard


Endpoint protection for air-gapped networks, ICS control system networks, and traditional IT environments, exclusively built to support any version of Windows Operating Systems and protect it from Ransomware/ Zero-day/ file-less malware activities.

Complete cybersecurity coverage for user end-points irrespective of whether the system is connected to the Internet/ VPN.
Ultra Lightweight agent: No more complaints from users/ IT team around system resources being overutilized: BluArmour consumes ~100 KB of system memory and virtually no processing power. There are no frequent definition updates taking place.
Identification of malicious processes with built-in intelligence to track Process Behavior Tracking and Blocking if there is a malicious activity observed.
The agent may also be utilized in building device control.
EDR dashboard


The most sophisticated threat triage & response module anywhere in the world today. BluSOAR combines single-click triage from 110+ threat intel sources with real-time threat response, both automated and manual. Go one step further with automated or manual remediation, and manage the entire security incident lifecycle in one go.

Automated Firewall Policy Update
Automated update to address tables in Network Access Control
Single-click Triage utilizing 110+ TI sources. (Can consume additional TI sources)
Automated Dynamic Risk rating based on real time threats.
Real-time automated/ manual threat response (Quarantine from production LAN/ bring the machine back)
Real-time automated/ manual Threat Remediation (Clean files and logical remnants of an attack from the endpoint/ servers)
Automated Security Incident Lifecycle Management via ITSM structure
BluSOAR dashboard


Deploy authentic, scalable decoys across your infrastructure. Log and monitor attacks on these decoys, speed up your detection times even further, and create dependable data on your Indicators of Compromise.

Build network and application-level deception strategies
Easy to deploy Decoys are available with industry-known services out of the box
Strategy frameworks for internal and external deception can be accomplished.
Automated Response and Remediation for the threats identified.
BluDecoy Dashboard


Identification of hidden/ unknown malicious files being downloaded by users proactively by performing Real-time Static and Binary Analysis of files downloaded without any introduction of latency over network/ for users.

File Binary analysis including- Binary to Binary match with Terabytes of known malware samples.
Complete visibility into In-Memory activities: Process/ Registry/ File/ Network/ API call chain associated with a file download.
Forensic data insights including PCAP data.
Static analysis with over 8000+ YARA signatures
Data Enrichment and utilization of 100+ Threat Intelligence sources out of the box in detecting known attacks.
Option to respond and remediate identified threats while being completely agentless.
Option to initiate a Live threat hunt with identified behavior-driven IOCs.
BluEye dashboard