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BluSapphire Basic

Begin your journey of Cyber Resilience

Take the first step in securing your business operations from disruptions caused by Ransomware and managing your security compliances.

Are you really prepared for a Ransomware Attack?

Detecting and Responding to Ransomware Attacks becomes significantly more efficient with BluSapphire Advanced. Our comprehensive solution covers both Cloud and Physical Infrastructure, providing unparalleled protection and peace of mind.

Are you ready to bring visibility to your IT infrastructure?

Bring basic visibility across your IT infrastructure by Consuming and Storing logs in a Single Data Lake. With all logs stored in one location, get reports, identify basic anomalies across all IT Infrastructure and contain them.

Are you security compliant?

Store logs across IT Infrastructure to track security activities and records for the required timelines mandated by security compliance requirements such as GDPR, HIPAA, PCI-DSS.

ROI >143%

across clients and partners

<10 Minutes


<2 Minutes


<2 Weeks

to go operational (~2500 User entities)


Your next-gen SIEM platform for seamless log ingestion/ integration with Cloud Services, SaaS applications, Security/ Network Infrastructure, and Standard/ Custom Applications with 1280 Use Cases built-in and counting.

Log Enrichment and utilization of 100+ Threat Intelligence sources out of the box in detecting known attacks.
Role-based authorization and Control.
Flexible custom use case/ Rule building function (No more code-Just a simple configuration)
Build your own custom dashboards using a simple configuration.
Automated reporting
Cyber Operations Management
Compliance and Regulatory Ready Dashboards
SIEM dashboard

Threat Intelligence

Back your next-gen SIEM module up with the highest standard of threat intelligence, curated from multiple sources, including research agencies, OSINT, and commercial feeds.

Feeds curated live from over 110+ threat intelligence sources
Both OSINT and Commercial feeds are part of threat intelligence
Native Integration with Malware Information Sharing Platform (MISP)
Strategic feeds ingested from research agencies
Live curated threat intelligence telemetry updates to the BluSapphire platform
Threat intelligence dashboard
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Frequently asked questions

Is BluSapphire one solution or a solution suite?

BluSapphire is a unified cyber defense stack. Each functionality is built completely ground-up within BluSapphire Labs without any third party tool integration. Depending on the resilience journey, you have the flexibility to choose each security function of need. These solutions are delivered either on a SaaS model both on the cloud or on-premise, as a perpetual license on the cloud or on-premise, and a SOC as a service model where we manage your Security Operations Centre. We will be happy to provide the solution that works for you, based on a conversation.

How is BluSapphire’s platform priced?

Primarily, the license model is SaaS-based on average Storage Consumption per month. This can be extrapolated from your current Events Per Second (EPS), or our associate can calculate this for you based on the number of devices and device types that shall provide logs for consumption.
An alternative license model is on-premise and is based on the number of devices and device types or EPS count. This model is primarily for Government entities and the Defense sector, and any highly regulated environment that wants to retain everything in their own Data Center/Hosting/Cloud/ On Prem Appliance.

What is the difference between the SaaS and On-Premise model?

BluSapphire is Cloud-native and is provided as a SaaS service in a multi-tenant model. All components are hosted by us in the Cloud and customers do not need to stand up any infrastructure on their end. All compute and storage required are managed and maintained by the BluSapphire team. This includes the responsibility of backups and long term storage archives.
That said, we understand that the Government, the Defense sector and a few customers have the need to host all of these components internally in their own datacenter or in their own private Cloud. For this use-case, we offer on-premise deployment wherein all components of BluSapphire (compute and storage) will be on the customer’s datacenter.
The customer then agrees to provide all needed infrastructure to host the platform. Also, the customer is responsible for upkeep, management, maintenance and backup of the infrastructure.

Please reach an associate for an accurate assessment of requirements specific to your need.

I have operations spread all across the globe. Will BluSapphire work for me?

Yes! BluSapphire is built to help you cover every end-point, everywhere on Earth. This includes virtual/ hybrid employees, vendors, and partners- you choose who you cover with BluSapphire.

You claim to reduce MTTR from several days to a few seconds. Do you have use-cases to show this?

Yes, we currently have use-cases in the BFSI, education, and manufacturing segments. We also notice that the nature and complexity of threats remain equally complex across industries. If you’d like to know how your industry is impacted, and how we can cover these threats, please take a look at your industry-specific page above, or reach out to us for a detailed, free consultation.

Will BluSapphire work with my current tech stack?

Yes, BluSapphire is platform agnostic. It can be deployed over your current tech stack.

I do not currently need a Cloud solution. Can I still use BluSapphire?

Yes, we offer an on-premise solution as well.

Which industries have you worked with before?

We have worked with the BFSI, Retail, Education, Manufacturing, and Pharma industries, and can work with organizations in other industries that are exposed to high levels of constant cyber threat.

How is BluSapphire different from other industry-leading solutions providers?

We are the industry’s first unified XDR platform guarantee MTTD and MTTR in lightning quick times- less than a few seconds! What’s more, we like to keep our promises, which is why this guarantee will be part of the SLA that we sign with you.